Arcata Use Of Eexpanded Polystyrene Disposable Food Service Ware

Ban of distribution and sale of polystyrene food packaging products. Effective 10/1/15.

Details of regulation: Prohibits food vendors, food providers, food service establishments, restaurants, and retail stores from providing prepared food to customers in polystyrene food service ware, city departments from purchasing or acquiring polystyrene food service ware for use at city facilities, events, or conduct of city businesses. Within the City of Arcata, polystyrene food service ware shall not be sold or provided by any vendor or event promoter – including cups, plates, bowls, clamshells, coolers, containers and other products intended primarily for food service use.  Additionally, the City may not sponsor or co-sponsor events at which polystyrene food service ware is used or distributed by event promoters or food vendors. Exemptions include pre-packaged food that arrives in a wrapper, emergency situations, medical supplies, specific construction products, products made from polystyrene that is wholly encapsulated by a more durable material, and any organization with undue hardship.


  1. 1440 – An Ordinance of the City Council of the City of Arcata Amending Chapter 3.5 of Title V of the Arcata Municipal Code, to Prohibit the Use of Expanded Polystyrene Disposable Food Service Ware and to Encourage the Use of Compostable, Recyclable and Reusable Food Ware.

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