Albany Use Of Polystyrene Foam

Expanded polystyrene ban, requirement that all takeout food packaging be compostable or recyclable.

Details of regulation: Prohibited food vendors from providing prepared food to customers in disposable food service ware that uses polystyrene foam, all city facilities from using or purchasing or acquiring polystyrene foam disposable food service ware, and city franchises, contractors, and vendors from using polystyrene foam disposable food service ware in city facilities or on city projects within the city. Exemptions include prepared foods packaged outside the City of Albany, undue hardship caused by the cost of biodegradable food ware, polystyrene foam coolers and ice chests, disposable food service ware composed of aluminum, and emergency supply and services procurement. 


  1. 08-02 – An Ordinance of the Albany City Council Regulating the Use of Polystyrene Foam Disposable Food Service Ware and Requiring the Use of Biodegradable or Compostable Disposable Food Service Ware by Food Vendors and City Facilities.

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