City of Alameda Disposable Food Service Ware

Expanded polystyrene ban, requirement that all takeout food packaging be compostable.

Details of regulation: Prohibited food vendors from providing prepared food to customers in disposable food service ware that uses polystyrene foam, all city facilities from using or purchasing or acquiring polystyrene foam disposable food service ware, and agents, contractors, and vendors in the city from using polystyrene foam disposable food service ware in city facilities or on city projects within the city. Exemptions include food packaged outside the City of Alameda. 


  1. 2977 – Amending the Alameda Municipal Code by Adding Section 4-4 to Article I (Littering and Maintenance of Property) of Chapter IV (Offenses and Public Safety) to Prohibit Polystyrene Foam Food Service Ware and Amending Section 1-5.6 of Chapter 1 (General) to Authorize Additional City Employees to Serve as Code Enforcement Officers.

Details of updated regulations: No food vendor shall provide a single-use straw to a customer except on a customer’s specific request. A food vendor may have single-use straws available for use by customers at locations within the restaurant, bar or food vendor. All food vendors using disposable food service ware shall use compostable disposable food service ware unless the food vendor can demonstrate an undue hardship. All persons in charge of City facilities will use compostable disposable food service ware unless such use is an undue hardship. Agents, contractors, and vendors doing business with the City will use compostable food service ware in City facilities or on City projects, unless the City Manager or his or her designee finds an undue hardship.

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