Arroyo Grande Expanded Polystyrene Food Containers And Products

Expanded polystyrene ban for both distribution and sale, with a requirement that all disposable food containers be biodegradable, compostable or recyclable. Effective August 9, 2016.

Details of regulation: Prohibits food providers within the City of Arroyo Grande from providing prepared food in or providing separately any disposable food container made from expanded polystyrene, city facilities from using disposable food containers made from expanded polystyrene, and city contractors from providing prepared food in disposable food containers made from expanded polystyrene. No vendor or events promoter in the City may sell or otherwise provide any expanded polystyrene product, which is not whole encapsulated or encased within a more durable material – including cups, plates, bowls, trays, clamshells, coolers, containers, ice chests, shipping boxes, packing peanuts, or other packaging material. Exemptions include undue hardship, medical or safety necessity, food prepared or packaged outside the City and sold inside the City, raw meat or fish, products made from expanded polystyrene which are wholly encapsulated or encased by a more durable material, specific construction products, and preservation of public peace, health or safety.


  1. 676 – An Ordinance of the City Council of the City of Arroyo Grande Adding Chapter 8.34 to Title 8 of the Arroyo Grande Municipal Code Regulating Expanded Polystyrene Food Containers and Products.

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