An Ounce of Prevention: A two-part Webinar Series on Avoiding Frivolous Lawsuits

Wed, July 16 – Part One: A Practical Plan of Action to Avoid Harassment Claims

Employers in California are increasingly paying a high price for harassment claims, even where the harassment was inconsequential, occurred outside of work or was never reported.  The high price includes not only significant  payments to employees and their attorneys, but tarnished reputations and hours of lost productivity.   Harassment claims are preventable however.   A few strategic and practical  steps will eliminate the potential for most claims.  Learn how to: (1) update outdated policies; (2) hold supervisors accountable; (3)  develop a user-friendly complaint system; and (4) follow through on harassment complaints.  Learn where employers are most vulnerable and the types of complaints most likely to be filed.  Learn why social media presents a particularly difficult challenge for today’s employer.

Wed, Aug 20 – Part two: Essential Policies to Avoid “Gotcha” Overtime and Unpaid Wage Claims

Recent legislation in California has imposed increasingly technical requirements governing when to pay employees and how to pay them. New requirements also govern how to calculate the precise amount worked. In this new regulatory environment, good faith and good intentions are insufficient. Nor is it sufficient to rely on a third party payroll administrator. The courts and state agencies have adopted a “zero tolerance” position toward pay violations. As a result, employers must master the letter and spirit of every law governing pay practices.

Learn which policies employers should adopt now to prevent pay claims. Learn which practices will serve as “insurance” to discourage lawsuits. We will identify the most common claims and the reasons why employers are targeted. We will also review three sample forms employers can adopt to rebut frivolous claims.