New Laws for 2024

On Wednesday, December 6 the CGA Educational Foundation hosted a webinar to help companies learn more about the requirements of upcoming laws that will affect the grocery industry. Topics for the webinar included the list of bills below and others.

During this important webinar, attendees heard from Louie Brown, CGA’s lead Contract Lobbyist, and Michel LeClerc, Chair of the Association’s Government Relations committee, on how these new laws will affect your business.

Grocery Targeted Legislation

AB 647 – Grocery Worker Retention Act
Revises recall rights for grocery workers when there is a change of control in a grocery establishment to: 1) cover workers of a grocery distribution center; and 2) create a private right of action with an opportunity for an employer to cure.

Labor Legislation

SB 616 – Paid Sick Leave

Increases paid sick leave days from 3 to 5 days. 

SB 848 – Reproductive Loss Leave

Makes it unlawful for an employer to refuse reproductive loss leave to an eligible employee. 

AB 591 – Labor Alternative Enforcement

Authorizes a public prosecutor to prosecute a civil or criminal action for a violation of specific provisions of the Labor Code until January 1, 2029.

SB 553 – Workplace Violence Standard

Creates a workplace violence standard until Cal/OSHA finalizes their Workplace Violence Standard.

Cannabis Legislation

AB 2188 – Workplace Cannabis Testing

Makes it unlawful for an employer to discriminate against a person in hiring, termination, or terms and conditions of employment based on cannabis drug screening. 

SB 700 – Cannabis Use

Makes it unlawful for an employer to request information from an applicant for employment relating to the applicant’s prior use of cannabis.

Environmental Legislation

Bottle Bill Changes

Adds wine, spirits, and large juice containers to the CRV program, increases convenience zones, removes $100 in-lieu fee by 2025, and creates dealer cooperatives for dealers to join in order to create redemption centers.

Presenters: Louie Brown, Jr., Attorney with Kahn, Soares & Conway, LLP; Michel LeClerc, Chief Financial Officer for North State Grocery and Chair of CGA Government Relations Committee