New Laws for 2022 Webinar

CGA understands the challenges members face when impacted by new legislation and strives to provide educational resources to address those challenges. CGAEF hosted a webinar to inform companies about the requirements of upcoming new laws that will affect the grocery industry in 2022.

Webinar Recording
Password: hJ7kSaPv

During this important webinar, attendees learned about new laws including but not limited to: 

AB 701 – Warehouse quota notice

SB 606 – Cal/OSHA enterprise wide citations

SB 343 – Limits on use of the chasing arrows symbol

AB 45 – CBD regulatory framework

AB 1311 – Alternative schedules for recycling redemption centers

SB 1383 – Organic waste reduction

Prop. 12 – Animal confinement: pork products

Presenters: Louie A. Brown, Jr., Attorney, Kahn, Soares & Conway, LLP