Compliance Webinar| Hazardous Waste Disposal

In recent years, local District Attorneys and the State of California have begun aggressive enforcement of hazardous waste disposal laws in the retail community. Several high profile, high dollar settlements have led some localities to push for fines as a mechanism to fund ongoing department operations.

The grocery industry is considered an easy target given the highly complex and technical nature of the myriad requirements. Definitions in the law make it difficult to determine which products are to be considered hazardous waste and therefore be handled separately.

Often, well-intended or unintentional consumer and employee behavior can lead to significant enforcement problems for grocers. And the high dollar settlements provide a powerful incentive for enforcement entities to prioritize punishment rather than work with the grocery industry to reach a better level of compliance.

CGA has contracted with Environmental Resources Management (ERM), the world’s leading sustainability consultancy, and the Sacramento-based law firm of Downey Brand LLP, to create this comprehensive, user-friendly toolkit for hazardous waste disposal.

– Tools to help manage risk and reduce the possibility of enforcement action
– State law compliance requirements
– CGA Hazardous Waste Toolkit implement instructions for store level
– Information on enforcement tactics

To View and Download the Toolkit, click HERE.