Best Practices | Meal and Rest Breaks Compliance

In April of last year, the California Supreme Court issued its long-awaited decision in Brinker v. Superior Court, which clarified an employer’s obligations with respect to providing meal and rest periods to employees. While the decision is overall a favorable one for employers and reduces some of the most difficult burdens in connection with meal and rest periods, it also raises a number of issues for companies as they assess the most effective and efficient ways to fulfill their obligations to employees. This webinar will focus on what steps an employer must take to ensure that it complies with its legal duty to “provide” meal and rest periods to non-exempt employees. For example, how should an employer track deviations from the meal period policy and correct them? How much control should managers be given to dictate employee meal periods? With respect to rest periods, what are the best practices for rest period compliance? What records (if any) should employers maintain regarding rest periods taken by employees? The webinar will address all of these issues and more, with an interactive program that will combine what the law requires with their practical application for California employers.