Advanced Clean Fleets

California is expediting its move to zero-emission vehicles which will affect business fleets both large and small, including grocers and food manufacturers. Beginning in 2024, the Advanced Clean Fleets rule is a California Air Resources Board (CARB) initiative with the goal of achieving a zero-emission truck and bus fleet by 2045. The regulation, which is currently in comment period and is not yet final, aims to make medium and heavy-duty vehicles zero-emission “everywhere feasible” with earlier targets for last-mile delivery and drayage fleets. CGAEF hosted a webinar on clean fleets which covered the following information: 

  • Latest updates from CARB and how the regulation will affect businesses
  • Timeline for compliance with the regulation
  • How companies can offset electric vehicle costs through grants and incentives
  • Electrification timeline and how to analyze fleets for EV procurement

Presenter: Conner Whaley, Strategic Partnerships Manager, e-Mission Control