Political Action

Grassroot Support

The California Grocers Association aggressively advances the grocery industry’s agenda outside the State Capitol. The Association’s PAC and IEC both play a major role in helping grocery-friendly legislators and candidates win elections. CGA members can support the Association’s efforts in two ways:


What is GROPAC?

GROPAC is CGA’s political action committee that focuses resources on elected officials and candidates for state and local offices who understand and promote the interests of California’s grocery industry and on issue advocacy campaigns to support or oppose initiatives impacting the industry.

Why contribute to GROPAC?

Our members’ generous financial support of GROPAC ensures the retail food industry’s strong presence in California’s political landscape. Campaign support elevates the profile of the industry at the State Capitol and in city halls and county governments across California.

How do I contribute to GROPAC?

Click here to fill out the form and mail in your contribution.

What if I need more information?

Questions? Click here, or contact CGA at (916) 448-3545.

Independent Expenditure Committee

Why contribute to the CGA IEC?

The CGA Independent Expenditure Committee was formed in 2005, in part, to address changes in the political campaign process. The CGA IEC can accept unlimited financial donations from companies and individuals and can make unlimited contributions advocating for or against a candidate or ballot measure.

Why contribute to the CGA IEC?

The presence of the CGA IEC raises the political presence of CGA and the retail food industry in the political community. A political action committee is limited by law in terms of how much it can accept from any donor in any given year and is limited in the amount of contributions to state candidates. The CGA IEC complements GROPAC by creating another avenue for political involvement.

How do I contribute to IEC?

Download a contribution form. Complete the form and mail your contribution.

What if I need more information?

Contact CGA at (916) 448-3545.