2016 California Drought

California is facing one of the most severe droughts on record. This lack of water has serious implications for California’s residents, agriculture, environment and the grocery industry. In response to the drought Governor Brown has ordered a statewide 25% reduction in water use. Actions used to achieve this conservation goal include saving water, increased enforcement of water laws and investment in new technologies.

The State of California has created a Toolkit for Business to help companies and their employees save water in the workplace every day. The materials are designed to be customized with a company’s logo and other key information. To learn more about how you can utilize their important conservation tool, click here.

Grocers can help California save water by being knowledgeable about the drought, implementing water saving strategies and educating consumers on water saving opportunities.

CGA encourages California grocers to join the Governor and other industries in saving water. This webpage contains information on state water saving regulations, resources to help save water at your company and materials to help customers conserve water. Check back often for updates and additional resources.

Contact CGA by email with any questions or additional information.


Drought-related Updates

  • Drought Update – March 2, 2016
    Click here for the latest update from the California Office of Emergency Services.
  • California Adopts Strict Lawn-reduction Rules For Drought Savings (July 15, 2015) – (Reprinted from the Sacramento Bee)The era of lush, green California lawns moved a dramatic step closer to ending Wednesday.Drought-tolerant plants must dominate lawns surrounding new homes and businesses across California under new regulations unanimously approved by the California Water Commission.The new rules effectively limit the amount of turf grass around newly constructed homes to 25 percent of landscaped area. Under prior rules, turf grass could take up about one third of landscaped area. Read more here.
  • (May 6, 2015) – The State Water Board has adopted emergency regulations for statewide water conservation. This regulation mandates a 25% reduction in potable urban water use statewide. Information on how this may impact your company is available here.
  • (April 13, 2015) – In the midst of the persisting extreme drought Governor Brown has issues statewide water reduction orders to be implemented immediately. As such, the State Water Resources Control Board released this document that includes every jurisdiction that will be forced to conserve 10% or 35% of water usage. A detailed review of the imposed water restrictions is located here.
  • (January 1, 2015) – Local water agencies across California are taking action in the face of record-dry conditions in early 2015. Many water suppliers are calling on customers to step up conservation efforts, while some already have implemented mandatory restrictions on water use. View current drought updates and local agency response.


Weekly Drought Updates – California Office of Emergency Services