EOP Manual

The CGA Educational Foundation Emergency Operations Plan and Standard Operating Procedures Manual is a 200-page comprehensive emergency preparedness guide that replaces the CGA Emergency Planning and Procedures Manual released in 2000.

The Emergency Plan is a CGA statewide disaster policy that should be followed in order to protect employees and customers, store and store property, neighbors and the environment. However, the Emergency Plan does not explain exact actions to take during disasters. And it is not meant to replace planning that may already have taken place. Rather, it should improve existing planning.

The accompanying Emergency Procedures Manual is designed to help store employees take specific actions needed to achieve a successful outcome. CGA produced this guide to be comprehensive enough to assist larger chains, yet compact enough so that individual stores could use it effectively.


To Download the EOP Manual

The manual is a FREE CGA membership benefit and can be downloaded online. The downloaded version replaces the material in the 2000 CGA Emergency Planning and Procedures Manual red binder. Once downloaded, the manual should be photocopied (double-sided) and placed in a binder. Your membership allows unlimited downloads within your company. Non-members can purchase the manual for $500.

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Watch Instructional Webinar

The CGA Educational Foundation conducted a one-hour information seminar on using the EOP Manual. If you have questions regarding the Emergency Operations Plan and Standard Operating Procedures Manual, contact Brianne Page, or call (916) 448-3545.

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