President’s Message

California Grocer
2017, Issue 5

“More Than A Theme”

This year’s conference theme – Working in Concert – is really more than just a theme for CGA.

Now more than ever, this year’s CGA Strategic Conference theme truly captures the values of our association as we grow and look to further provide the highest level of excellence to our members. We do this as a collective, not unlike an orchestra.

Imagine a violinist playing the most beautiful melody alone in a vast concert hall. There is no doubt the music would be beautiful and uplifting, yet it would also seem to be lacking a punch. Now imagine that same violinist playing that same melody, but backed by a full orchestra.

Each note has more sonic weight behind it pushed forward by every musician sharing that stage, all under the watchful guide of a conductor who steers everyone to play in a unison that is greater than the sum of its parts. It is truly a sound and sight to behold.

CGA is no different from that orchestra.

Every member, whether large or small, carries a note that is amplified by the notes around it. These notes are amplified even more with the notes added and carried by every employee at CGA. It is this harmony created that allows our work to be felt by our various audiences.

Whether it is a symphony of giving that all of our members create with the CGA Educational Foundation to help further the educations of employees and their families, or a chorus of advocacy where member companies make their voices more powerful by singing the same notes in pursuit of outcomes at the state and local government levels – our power and success comes from working in concert.

As we convene this year’s annual conference, it we should all seek to work in concert with one another over the course of the three days we are together. This is a chance for all of us to learn new riffs, new melodies, and new songs from one another.

Much like every musician is made better by playing with other musicians and learning new techniques that often comes out of it, we too as members of the grocery industry can become better at what we do by interacting and sharing with one another.

Thank you all for making the CGA orchestra one of the best in the business. I hope you all enjoy the “concert” we’ve put together for you all this year and I hope we all leave even more in tune than ever before.

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