Editorial: Approve the plastic bag ban despite unconscionable ads

Editorial Board San Jose Mercury News November 3, 2016 The two plastic bags propositions on the California ballot were confusing enough for voters before misleading advertisements started flooding the airwaves. Ignore them. Here is all you need to know: Proposition 67 upholds the statewide… Read More

L.A. Times: Yes on Prop. 67

Prop 67: A vote to stop profiteering from polluting the Golden State The Los Angeles Times Editorial Board September 12, 2016 The “paper or plastic” era is, gratefully, on its way out. Over the last decade, more than 150 counties and cities in California have outlawed the flimsy, storm-drain-blocking, sea-turtle-choking,… Read More

S.F. Chronicle Recommends: Yes on Prop. 67, No on Prop. 65

San Francisco Chronicle August 26, 2016 Nine years ago, San Francisco banned plastic shopping bags and set off a movement that’s led nearly half the state and its biggest cities to do the same. Skipping the bags at checkout was a hassle at first, but now folks don’t seem to miss the throwaway… Read More

CGA Exec Elected to CSU Foundation Board

California Grocers Association President and Chief Executive Officer Ronald Fong was recently elected to The California State University Foundation Board of Governors. “We are honored to welcome Ronald Fong to our foundation team,” said CSU Board of Governors Chair Ronald Barhorst. “He has an… Read More

Industry Supports National GMO Label Standard

Two national grocery associations praised President Obama for signing into law a biotechnology labeling bill that creates a national labeling standard for food products made with genetically engineered ingredients and genetically modified organisms. President Obama signed S. 764 into law, a bi-partisan,… Read More

Recycling centers close amid plummeting prices

Reprinted from Orange County Register (7/19/2016) SACRAMENTO – More than a fifth of California’s recycling redemption centers have closed in the last year, stripping consumers of easy access to recycling and limiting their ability to collect the deposits they made when purchasing bottles and cans. More… Read More

Editorial: Make California bag ban permanent

From East Bay Times (7/20/2016) It's a shame that Californians are having to vote on two plastic bag ballot measures -- Propositions 65 and 67 -- that should have been tossed in the garbage long ago. Both represent the plastics industry's efforts to undo the state's first-in-the-nation plastic… Read More

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