California Democrats Got Their Supermajority. Now What?

From The Sacramento Bee (11/28/2016) By Jeremy B. White Broadening the path to long-sought deals on affordable housing, transportation infrastructure and climate change, California Democrats have again captured a two-thirds supermajority in both houses of the Legislature. Enough late votes were… Read More

CGA Op-Ed: Grocers just following the law in collecting new bag charges

Reprinted from The Modesto Bee (11/21/2016) By Ron Fong, President & CEO, California Grocers Association In his recent op-ed “Why Some Grocers Can’t Wait to Collect Bag Fee” (Page 11A, Nov. 15), Ralph E. Shaffer appears to use what he learned to gain his title of emeritus professor of… Read More

California Phases Out Plastic Bags

LOS ANGELES – Two weeks after Californians voted to enact a state law to ban plastic shopping bags--the first state in the nation to do so--stores across the state are proceeding with implementation. “I thank California voters for supporting Proposition 67 and once again making the Golden State… Read More

Association Mourns Passing of Industry Icon

The California Grocers Association joined the state's grocery industry in mourning the passing of Jack H. Brown, Executive Chairman of Stater Bros. Markets on Sunday, November 13, 2016. “We are all deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Jack Brown,” said CGA President/CEO Ron Fong. “Jack… Read More

S.F., Oakland, Albany voters pass soda tax

Reprinted from the San Francisco Chronicle (11/8/2016) Three Bay Area cities on Tuesday became among the first in the country to levy a tax on sodas and other sugary drinks in an effort to help stanch the nation’s diabetes and obesity epidemics. In San Francisco, Proposition V was winning 62… Read More

CGA Issues Statement on Passage of Prop. 67

Following the passage of Proposition 67 and the defeat of Proposition 65, CGA President and CEO Ron Fong issued the following statement: “The passage of Prop. 67 is a win for both business and the environment. California’s grocers have been proud to stand with Senators Kevin DeLeon, Ricardo Lara,… Read More

Editorial: Approve the plastic bag ban despite unconscionable ads

Editorial Board San Jose Mercury News November 3, 2016 The two plastic bags propositions on the California ballot were confusing enough for voters before misleading advertisements started flooding the airwaves. Ignore them. Here is all you need to know: Proposition 67 upholds the statewide… Read More

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