Charitable Giving

Grocers Helping The Communities They Serve

California’s grocery industry has a long history of providing goods and services to those in need. California grocers are and intricate part of the communities they serve and understand their role in providing help in times of need.

The California Grocers Association has teamed up with the California Association of Food Banks to share success stories of grocery retailers and local food banks working together to help alleviate hunger in California. Each month, CGA will post an article highlighting a particular Association member company and the local food bank it assists. Here is our story:

Rescuing Groceries in Silicon Valley

When Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties learned that nearly half of the food in grocery stores in America ends up in the trash, it knew it had to take action.  Food that is close to expiration or cosmetically-challenged may not be suitable for retail shelves; however,… Read More

Vons Donates 4.1 Million Pounds of Food To San Diego Food Bank

Will McHenry, director of food procurement & distribution for the Jacobs & Cushman San Diego Food Bank, sits near an internal window overlooking the organization’s vast warehouse in central San Diego. McHenry recollects the genesis of the Food Bank’s relationship with Vons, part of… Read More

Foods Co Steps Up To Support Foodbank of Santa Barbara County Picnic in the Park Summer Food Service Program

At the end of each school year, children wait for the final bell to ring, which for them marks the beginning of summer vacation. Summer is an exciting time for children to enjoy playtime with friends, spend a week at camp, take a family vacation, or enjoy time at the pool.  But for many children… Read More

Safeway Leads Hunger Relief Efforts in Bay Area

As one of North America’s largest grocery store chains, it is no surprise that Safeway is a leading contributor to hunger relief in the communities it serves. For 36 years, Safeway has been working with Bay Area food banks to provide food for those in need. In 1976, the franchise provided a… Read More

Albertsons Helps Create Healthy Communities

Hunger relief is a natural fit for Albertsons as one of America’s leading food retailers. According to Lilia Rodriguez, External Communications Field Manager for Albertsons/So-Cal/IMV, Albertsons’ mission is to “help create healthy and thriving communities by supporting non-profit organizations.”… Read More

Grocery Outlet Fights Hunger

For Nate and Dawn Harrell, giving back to their community comes naturally.  Nate remembers the challenge his parents faced to feed him and his nine brothers and sisters, and they both worked through lean times earlier in own their careers. Today, Nate and Dawn operate two independent Grocery… Read More